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The Detail Shop was first started in Memphis Tennessee and was not only Shelby County's premier automotive detailing service but one of the nations most experienced.  
Owned and operated by a third generation auto reconditioning specialist for over 35 years.

We have since grown into and are on track to become the nations premier destinations online for Automotive Detailing Services, Supplies and Tech Support
Forget the hose all you need is a bucket
to avoid fines and make your cat sparkle!
We've got the best talent in Memphis Detailing Services and the best Deals!

From carpet cleaning and leather protection to exterior finish sealers and high speed buffing,  you can find it all right here.

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When it comes to auto detailing services, the first choice of
many auto dealerships is to try
to do it in-house.  Sometimes that can work with the right management but typically auto reconditioning is contracted out to local shops.

That is because they depend on professional results quickly and done right the first time. They often require several cars a day and contracting multiple shops can cut waiting time

World Class Performance

 Auto Detailing is a process of restoring your vehicle to as close as show room condition as possible.  Detailing is both a science and art form.

    It is a science in that it requires specific knowledge of a vast array of chemical formulations and a wide range of specialty tools to clean, restore and protect the vehicle components top to bottom and inside out.

It is also an art form. It is knowing the correct type and amount of cleaner for use on every one of your autos components, from a wood veneer dashboards, leather seats or convertible tops. It comes with experience or from the word of a pro.

   No where is this more evident than their exclusive three stage process of high speed buffing. Buffing removes a ‘micro-layer’ of clear coat which removes sediment and light scratches. It cleans, polishes and finally seals the clear coat finish which covers the paint itself.

Buffing requires a special touch and a finely honed sense of perception or you end up with swirl marks that diminish the value of your car.

From Mom’s taxi to Dad’s classic convertible, the best choice for Memphis Auto Detailing is to leave it to the professionals

There is a very good reason that owners of classic, vintage and high end vehicles don’t call mobile services. 
A professional detailed reconditioning job requires experienced personnel and can take up to 16-20 hours of hands on labor. This can not be done in your driveway in a two hours by a mobile service.  
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